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What is chiropractic care and why does it work?

Chiropractic is a health-care profession that focuses on the spine and other joints of the body, and their connection to the nervous system. The word “chiropractic” means “to be done by hand.” When a joint in your body becomes fixated, or stuck, your body compensates and doesn’t work as well as it should. Our chiropractors utilizes chiropractic manipulations or adjustments to restore proper normal function to both the joint and your nervous system. This technique involves a very fast, low force thrust into the restricted joint to restore optimal function. An adjustment is sometimes accompanied by a “pop” noise, which results from the joint’s release of nitrogen gas.

Research continues to support the chiropractic adjustment as a safe, effective treatment for pain with high levels of patient satisfaction. In light of the nation’s Opioid epidemic, chiropractic manipulation for the treatment of low back pain offers a safe drug-free option for patients. An estimated 50 million Americans see a Chiropractor Each year.

Your joints are designed to move. When they stop moving correctly, compensation and injury usually occur. Using the Motion Palpation method, we assess the spine and other joints (wrist, shoulder, knee, ankle, etc.). This often includes examining a patients’ movements as they walk, squat, run, throw, or swing, and then feel the specific joints’ movement by hand. Once the fixated joint is identified, we use a variety of techniques to restore proper biomechanics and function.

Techniques Utilized:

  • Palmer Package (Diversified, Gonstead, and Thompson)
  • Motion Palpation
  • Extremity Adjusting
  • Flexion Distraction

Once we restore proper biomechanics to your joints, we support your recovery with specific exercises and/or stretches using the Functional Movement approach.


You will have a comprehensive evaluation to learn why you’re experiencing discomfort or poor movement.

Home Exercise Programs

Our chiropractors will provide you with home mobility, stretches or stability exercises to speed up your recovery. Learn more about our Functional Movement program.

Active Lifestyle

Seeing you enjoy your life and activities is our benchmark for success.

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