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At Connected Chiropractic, our Chiropractors are dedicated to overall health. Our blog is designed to keep you up to date on quality information related to health and well-being. We post information that is important to our community. Whether it’s news regarding common products, health trends, or the latest research, we will help keep you up to date. Our chiropractors are constantly researching the latest trends in health. Remember, you’re either pursuing health, or pursuing disease. We want to help get & keep you on the track towards health!

Physical Activity Chiropractor

The Athlete in You

Unlocking the Athlete within you https://youtu.be/PbQ9Fx8vykg Whether you’re a professional athlete, a weekend worrier, or a couch potato, movement will always be a crucial aspect of your health. Chattanooga is a very active town in comparison to the rest of the south. Many sports leagues for both kids and adults.

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What kind of Headache do you have?

What Type of Headache Do You Have?

Headaches: The Basics Everybody Should Know Everybody’s experience with headaches is a little bit different. You may experience tiredness, blurred vision, neck stiffness, or you may feel as if you can’t complete daily tasks. But they all have one thing in common, they’re not “normal” to deal with frequently. Why it

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Chiropractor Walking

Walking in the New Year

Walking tips from your Chiropractor Like most years, new year’s resolutions come and go. We hear from our patients frequently about what their goals are and what they’d like to accomplish. Majority of the time people say “I’d like to get back in the gym, or I’d like to lose

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Organic Spices

Why you should be buying organic spices

What’s in your spices? Organic Spices What you need to know Have you ever gone to the grocery store in search of basil, oregano, cumin, or any other spice and wondered: “Why would somebody pay more money for organic spices? I only use 1 tsp at a time. Does it

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Heart Health For Your Valentine

Heart Health from you Chiropractor Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. It is responsible for every 1 in 4 deaths and costs us $200 billion in healthcare costs each year. The biggest risk factors for heart disease include hypertension

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5 Reasons to see a chiropractor

Five Reasons You Should See a Chiropractor

FIVE REASONS YOU SHOULD SEE A CHIROPRACTOR! When was the last time you scheduled a spinal check-up with your chiropractor? If it’s been longer than a month, then you may want to give your chiro a call. Many people only see a chiropractor when they have back or neck pain,

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The Science of Yoga

The Science of Yoga

How a chiropractor can help your yoga How Chiropractic Can Improve Your Yoga Practice Yoga is known to be beneficial for conditions like epilepsy, depression, PTSD, chronic pain, and many neurological conditions. The benefits of yoga clearly go far beyond strength and flexibility. The reason yoga is so beneficial for

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Chiropractors Holiday Survival Guide

The Chiropractor’s Holiday Survival Guide.

The Chiropractor’s Holiday Survival Guide It’s time to deck the halls for another holiday season. If you’re one of those who had your tree up before Thanksgiving, this is likely your favorite time of year. But for many, the holidays bring mixed emotions. Family tension, finding the perfect gifts, financial

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Back Pain Chiropractor

5 Ways Chiropractors Treat Back Pain

Five ways a Chiropractor can help treat your back pain Did you know back pain is among the top reasons for missed work? If you’re one of the 63% of U.S. adults seeking care for neck or back pain, these are your treatment options. Over-the-counter pain relievers (NSAIDS such as

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Sitting Infographic

Sitting is the New Smoking

Sitting is the New Smoking It’s no surprise that prolonged sitting causes numerous negative health effects. Rather than listing them all, some sources simply state that too much sitting increases risk of premature mortality. Yikes. Consider for a moment that the human body is designed for a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Every

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Text Neck pain Chiropractor

Posture Tips from your Chiropractor

Posture Tips from your Chiropractor Since this message probably caught you slouching at your desk, or looking down at your smartphone, here’s a little good posture motivation to get you through the workweek! Studies have shown that forward head posture increases the weight of the head in relation to the

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Chiropractor Adjustment

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment? Chiropractic literally translates into “done by hand” from the Greek words cheir (meaning “hand”) and praktos (meaning “practice”). As hands-on practitioners, one of our primary forms of treatment is the adjustment. A  chiropractic adjustment is a high velocity (quick), low amplitude (short) thrust applied to

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