We specialize in Functional Rehabilitation, Nutrition, & Functional Medicine.
Combining traditional chiropractic care with the latest in holistic medicine.

Our multifaceted approach is designed to solve your underlying causes of pain and dysfunction.

We empower our patients to solve their issues instead of masking them with temporary fixes.

Research shows that disease and dysfunction are multi-factorial with poor biomechanics, poor nutrition, toxins, stress, and other factors all contributing. Fixing just one without the rest is a band-aid fix for a larger problem.

Why Choose Connected Chiropractic?

We use a systematic Process to achieve the goals important to you

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Help us understand your unique situation and how we can make it better.

Evaluation and Planning

We’ll evaluate your overall health, formulate a plan tailored to your needs, and then begin treatment to initiate improvement.

Embrace a better version of you!

Feel better, younger, and embrace an improved version of you!

We don't believe in a one size fits all approach to medicine

We spend the necessary time to get to know our patients so we can offer the highest quality of care possible. When you enter our office, you’re greeted by a warm smile, a healing environment, and an educated staff focused on you. We offer private treatment rooms and non-rushed visits focused on you and your needs. We believe in a short (6 – 12 visit) trial of care before establishing any type of long term supportive care plan.

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What people are saying

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Mike is a great Chiro — probably the best one in Chattanooga. He is very thorough with his exam and has actual applicable exercises assigned to improve your issue. No cookie cutter impersonal solutions. The entire process is geared toward getting you better and functionally active. I would highly recommend anyone suffering from low back pain to any specific musculoskeletal issue to come see Connected Chiropractic. Additionally, if you're an athlete Mike understands athletic movements— from weightlifting to CrossFit, and has appropriate clinical expertise to help you get back to your sport. As a student physical therapist I highly recommend anyone who’s having any type of pain to come see the Connected Chiro team they are research based and on par with physical therapy recommendations.
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"They got me in quick, pricing was reasonable, service was exceptional!! Go here for all your chiropractic needs!!"
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I love that I was able to fill out my paperwork online from home before even coming to the office. Their office is very nice and welcoming. Dr. Eyerly was very thorough and took his time to answer my questions throughout my examination. We discussed my health goals and what I wanted to get out of treatment. Having been to a number of chiropractors, I appreciate his hands on adjustments. After my adjustment he showed me a few stretches and exercises to do on my own at home. I feel GREAT!
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Dr. Natalie Bays is amazing. They take the time to make sure you are comfortable with any treatment. They listen to your concerns, answer any questions you might have, and give you a tailored solution to help you get back to feeling great again. I fully recommend them, especially Natalie.
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I came to Connected Chiropractic 7 months pregnant and barely able to walk from back pain. My midwife referred me to them and I was beyond grateful they were able to see me the same day. Dr. Natalie Bays explained everything to me thoroughly before doing any actual adjusting and made sure I was comfortable with her rexommendations. I began feeling some relief after the first adjustment but needed adjustments every few days at first to get back to being pain free. I was planning a natural birth and knew there was no way I could do that if I wasn't even able to walk correctly. Dr. Bays kept me adjusted and I am happy to say I had a smooth natural delivery, as baby was in such a great position. Connected Chiropractic is also extremely family friendly and I was able to bring my two year old with me to appointments when I had to. The doctors made it a fun and educational experience for him and now he is pretty sure he is a chiropractor! I recommend Connected Chiropractic to anyone needing relief from pain and especially to anyone who is pregnant! I can't thank them enough.

Where you can find us

Chattanooga Chiropractors

Connected Chiropractic is located centrally in the East Brainerd area on Gunbarrel Road in Chattanooga, TN. Our Chattanooga chiropractors specialize in the conservative treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Are you ready to eliminate pain and get back to doing the things you love? Experience the benefits of chiropractic, a natural drug-free approach to pain relief and prevention. Whether you’re training for a marathon or sitting at a desk for prolonged periods, our doctors can help keep you feeling great!